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This is an email success story shared by our customer Unity of Roseville.

Located in Roseville, California

Website: www.unityofroseville.org 

Email from customer to their OneEach Account Manager

Hi Christina:

Just a note to reminder you how valuable I find OneEach Technologies.

As you know, Unity of Roseville is a small community. We meet in person only once a month. We meet on zoom the other Sundays of the month. That is especially the reason I find it so valuable to have such a great website as OneEach provides!

For example: a gentleman showed up on the Courageous Conversations link on our Home Page for our last session with Rev. Sandra Campbell, the facilitator. He lives in Ohio. His mother is nearly homeless and moved to the Sacramento area. 

He shared that both he and his mother loved our site and reading the bio of the minister...so much so that she showed up at our facility where we meet once a month. We were meeting on zoom that day, but he joined us on that Courageous Conversations meeting. When Rev. Sandra invited him to speak, he shared his mother's story and said that Unity of Roseville's site really moved him because it spoke to him and his mother.

I introduced myself and welcomed him. Told him about The Gathering Inn (also on our site). He said his mother had shown up at The Gathering Inn, as well (so happy to have that feature on our site).

The greatest news: I recommended Unity of Sacramento for his mother, since they meet in person every Sunday and provide a lot for the unhoused community.

Rev. Sandra then got one of their ministers on the line. Now his mother is staying temporarily at a congregant's home of Unity of Sacramento, while they are working things out for her.

Rev. Eric (their minister) will officially meet the man's mother, this Sunday, when he returns from a trip.

Thank you, Christina, for your wonderful contributions and also for teaching me so much about maintaining our site. Helping just one person makes it all worth it!

Many blessings,
Rev. Mary Lacalle
Unity of Roseville


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