Websites for United Ways

We support every United Way location in the United States and work with them to create, host and manage their websites - while also providing the best digital fundraising solutions.

The solutions you need to raise awareness and support for your United Way location and community.

We offer a variety of different solutions for your nonprofit. Let us help you create engaging donation pages and spend less time buried in code and maintenance so you can spend more time focusing on bringing your organization to life and helping your community.

Website Development

OneEach websites are built to allow you the flexibility to make the content your own, while still meeting branding guidelines. Our flexible texting packages were built to complement your outreach efforts by helping you stay connected to your community where they are.

Customizable Themes

Beyond their aesthetic impact, all of our websites are built to support the work you do in your community every day. From online agency applications, pledge cards, and smart digital forms to impactful ways of showcasing focus areas, stories, and events.

Monsoon  |  Catalina  |  Oracle  |  Phoenix - In Development

Haboob  |  Sedona  |  Havasu

Website Hosting & Managed Services

Receive lightning fast hosting solutions complete with 24/7 critical support for your organization.

Digital Fundraising Solutions

Accept and manage donations right on your website and engage with your community in new ways to boost your fundraising dollars.

Built-in Smart Digital Forms

Collecting information can be cumbersome and complicated, as everyone's situation is unique. That's where our smart conditional forms come in to help—and the best part? They come built into your United Way website.

Based on respondents' answers, conditional forms can:

  Display additional questions

  Generate different downloadable PDFs

  Share specific resources based on needs

  Collect signatures where required

Collect and Manage Donations Seamlessly on Your Website

Spend less time thinking about event management and more time focusing on your campaign with our fundraising solutions.  

  Create, sell, and track event registrations

  Store, manage, and follow up with registered event participants

  Create personal campaign/fundraising pages for use with collecting donations for fun runs, dance-a-thons, stair climbs, and more

  Collect online donations

  Choose your own payment processor for online donations

  Create smart digital forms for workplace giving campaigns, recurring gifts, and more

Let us know how we can help your organization

From website development, hosting, managed services and more, we’re ready to help you serve the communities and populations that you’re most passionate about - with only excellence.

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