Nonprofit Website Designs

Submitted by sysop on Thu, 12/03/2020 - 5:04am

Share Your Story Through Your Website

Your nonprofit has a unique story to tell, and your website should help you amplify the work you do in your community every day. Our work with nonprofits over the past 20 years has given us unique insight into precisely what nonprofits want—and need—in a website. Intuitive designs with space for powerful imagery and videos. Clear and compelling calls-to-action for your donation and volunteer pages. Smart digital forms eliminate the need for piles of paperwork. Beautiful feeds to display your events—both in-person and virtual.

Intuitive Website Designs

Engaging visitors as soon as they enter your website is crucial. They likely won't have time to read through walls of text to understand your mission and how they can help support it. Bold, illustrative banner images can help immediately captivate your visitors and can link to the most important pages you want to direct traffic to. United Way of Story County, for example, spotlights their workforce innovation programs that provide training in high-demand industries such as welding, manufacturing, and becoming a certified nursing assistant.



As your priorities change, the Drupal 8 platform allows you to swap out your images and spotlights in just a few clicks. Many of our clients featured images for their Giving Tuesday campaigns this year, making it easy for visitors to find the campaign page and show their support.

Showcase Your Focus Areas

Your United Way impacts your community in many ways—turn the spotlight on each of your focus areas visually to engage users. Our website designs allow you to cleanly display everything from special events to access to important resources. United Way of Lewis County's goal is to help 30 percent of families out of poverty by the year 2030! Explore the information they've chosen to spotlight below.


Save Time with Smart Digital Forms

As we find new ways to communicate, one of the most important steps is figuring out what your community needs and how you can help. Collecting this information can be cumbersome and complicated, as everyone's situation is unique. That's where our smart conditional forms come in to help.

Conditional forms can:

  • Display additional questions
  • Generate different downloadable PDFs
  • Share specific resources based on needs
  • Collect signatures where required
  • and more!