Nonprofit Website, Hosting
and Fundraising Solutions

Partnering for 25 years in crafting inspirational digital
journeys that drive nonprofit and small business missions.
Beyond websites, we build connections.


Elevate Your Online Presence

Transform your digital footprint with a captivating and powerful website.



Boost Your Fundraising Impact

Optimize donations and engage donors like never before.



Enhance Hosting Performance

Enjoy top-notch performance and a seamless experience with our secure hosting.



Amplify Your Digital Influence

Engage your audience with expertly tailored marketing strategies.


Our team brings a combined 200+ years of experience to each project.

Need a new user-friendly website, fundraising platforms, hosting and maintenance of your website, or marketing assistance?

We’ve got you!

We are committed to empowering nonprofit organizations and small- to medium-sized businesses through a variety of tried-and-true solutions. Here are just a few brands that we’ve helped over the last 25 years.


Our Mission is to Help You Help Others

We partner and collaborate with mission-driven nonprofits and businesses to tell their stories in impactful and compelling ways. We strive to set you up for success, no matter the project.

Our offerings include:

 Website Design, Development, and Project Management
 Brand Strategy, Inbound / Outbound Marketing, and Content Development
 Fundraising Cash / In-Kind Platforms and Increased Donor Engagement
 Single Website or Enterprise (Multiple Websites) Hosting

Explore Our Tailored Packages for Every Need


Crafted websites showcase your mission, engage supporters, and drive positive change for your community. Starting at $3,500.


Unique websites that elevate your brand, promote your online presence, and increase your digital impact. Starting at $6,600.


Web solutions tailored to your unique vision at a fraction of the cost of other vendors. Let’s talk about your vision.

Why OneEach Technologies

Why do Nonprofits and Small to Medium-Sized Businesses Choose OneEach as their Digital Solutions Provider?

We specialize in providing digital solutions to nonprofit organizations – for the last 25 years. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by nonprofits and tailor our solutions accordingly.

We offer a range of digital solutions, including website design and development, online fundraising tools, content management system, digital marketing, and website hosting. This comprehensive approach allows you to consolidate your digital needs with one provider.

We offer customizable solutions to meet your website, fundraising, hosting, and marketing requirements. This flexibility allows you to adapt digital solutions to your unique goals.

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Want to Learn About Our Projects?

Check Out What Our Customers Have To Say.

We invite you to explore firsthand the success stories of our customers.
From nonprofits to small businesses, witness the transformative impact of our digital solutions.
Then, envision the possibilities of how we can elevate your projects to new heights.


What is Most Unique About OneEach?

For a quarter of a century, our unwavering commitment to excellence has earned the trust of over 1,000 customers, making us a proven, reliable, and award-winning partner in achieving digital success.

"OneEach provides the best customer service that you don’t always find anymore. They provided prompt responses with excellent outcomes."


Director of Operations

UW of Northwest Florida

“Our OneEach project manager and account manager went above and beyond the call of duty to encourage us, answer our numerous questions, and find solutions for several challenges.”


Executive Director

Elder Orphan Care

“OneEach was extremely attentive and responsive throughout the process. The customer service and knowledge are unmatched. The support they provide is top-notch!”


Marketing Director

Gaston County Family YMCA

“The site has assisted us in strengthening our relationships with the community and other partners across the state. It provides us a face and legitimacy, which have been key in elevating our organization.”


Executive Director

Forsyth Community Clinic

“OneEach has taken our nonprofit from a silent web presence to a high functioning, efficient tool. We have more than tripled our service intake via the user-friendly webforms.”


Executive Director

Meals on Wheels of Summerville

“OneEach was excellent to work with, extremely friendly, super helpful, and went above and beyond. We’ve received compliments that our new site is so refreshing and inviting.”


Board President

Unity of Lehigh Valley

“The customer service has been great. Rather than just solving problems for us, they’re willing to teach us how to handle certain tasks. That sets me up better for the future.”



New York State Employee Organization

“Stakeholders from 300+ churches across the country are thoroughly satisfied with both the products and support provided by OneEach. Responsive, flexible, and patient, they provide hands-on support.”


Global Assistance Specialist

Global Church Organization

“With us being a nonprofit, budget was a huge issue. Other vendors were way out of our price range and demanded a lot out of me. OneEach fit our budget and they drive and manage our website.”


Volunteer & Events Director

Boys & Girls Clubs of Topeka
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Happy Customers

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