About Us

Helping Nonprofits Help Others Since 1999

Our Commitment to Unparalleled Service

At OneEach, our commitment to unparalleled service goes beyond mere web maintenance and service agreements. We take pride in our extraordinary responsiveness, especially during times of natural disasters.

It's stories like the one from a United Way in Louisiana during Hurricane Harvey that truly define our dedication.

When the Executive Director of the United Way called our CEO, Tony, at 1:30 am, standing in knee-high water as the building flooded, the urgency of the situation was clear. She needed a new rotor image for the home page that would link to the donation page to aid in hurricane relief efforts. Without hesitation, Tony rallied the entire OneEach team, working tirelessly to build a brand new donation page and create the necessary image. He even provided a direct link to the Executive Director to distribute to the media. Throughout the process, our team monitored the traffic to the site to ensure it could handle the large influx of visitors, leaving nothing to chance.

This is just one example of how OneEach stands out from other vendors, going above and beyond to make a real impact when it matters most.


Our Story

OneEach Technologies was born out of a passion for helping others. In 1999, our Founder and CEO, Tony, was assisting his wife Connie, a board member of their local Red Cross chapter, with their website when he realized the tremendous need nonprofits have for technology assistance. He recruited a few local programming students to lend their skills, and before long, Red Cross chapters across the country were asking for help with their digital presence.

What started as a small endeavor quickly snowballed into the company OneEach is today. For over two decades, we've been proudly providing nonprofits with the tools they need to further their missions and make a difference. While many tech companies are lured by profits, we measure our success by the positive impact we help our customers achieve.

Our Mission

We specialize in building websites, hosting solutions, marketing services, and fundraising tools tailored to the unique needs of nonprofits. But above all, our passion is harnessing technology for social good. Through empowering these organizations with software and services, we aim to amplify the good they do in the world.

With a commitment to service spanning 25 years and counting, OneEach continues our founding mission of helping nonprofits help others. We're honored to partner with selfless nonprofits working to better their communities and our world.


Our Team

Our team has a true passion for nonprofit work. 75% of our staff have experience working with mission-driven groups, with over 200 combined years in the sector. We're deeply invested in our customers' success and take pride in helping their organizations make a difference.

At OneEach, you'll always reach a real, live person who genuinely cares about your nonprofit's work. We pride ourselves on building personal relationships, listening to needs, and crafting customized solutions to help nonprofits maximize resources and increase their positive impact. With seasoned experience and proven results, our team is ready to help take your organization to the next level.

Our Partners

We pride ourselves on collaborating with industry-leading partners like HubSpot, Drupal, Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Business to provide unparalleled services and convenience. These key partnerships give us access to cutting-edge technology, robust infrastructure, seamless integrations, discounted nonprofit pricing, and more.

These strategic collaborations translate into robust, integrated, and affordable services that help our nonprofit customers maximize their reach. We carefully choose partners that share our passion for technology for social good. Together with our trusted partners, we can amplify the positive impact of your organization.