Meals on Wheels

We support every Meals on Wheels location in the United States and work with them to create, host and manage their websites - while also providing the best digital fundraising solutions.

The solutions you need to help raise awareness and support for Meals on Wheels.

We offer a variety of different solutions your nonprofit can choose from in order to turn the spotlight on Meals on Wheels, create engaging donation pages, and spend less time buried in code and maintenance so you can spend more time focusing on bringing your website to life with the content that makes it your own.

Website Development

From innovative menu structures and smart digital forms to online menus and meal requests, OneEach websites are built to allow you the flexibility to make the content your own, while still meeting branding guidelines.

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Digital Fundraising Solutions

Accept and manage donations right on your website and engage with your community in new ways to boost your fundraising dollars and accept payments online for any meal service.

Customizable Themes

Through our partnership with Meals on Wheels America, OneEach Technologies will build your customizable, responsive website from your choice of three branded design themes approved by Meals on Wheels America.

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