Think Outside the Fundraising Box

Need new, innovative ways to engage donors and not break the bank?

With feedback from our customers, we’ve built robust, yet simple-to-use fundraising solutions to help you…


Build Registrations


Create Webforms


Engage Donors


Increase Donations

Our goal is to ensure you have the right tools to effectively serve and support your nonprofit’s mission. Our donor-focused digital fundraising tools, website plugins, dashboards, and texting packages are tailored to meet your nonprofit’s needs.

Donation Pledges

Accepting online donations can take your nonprofit's fundraising to the next level. But setting up the technology to securely process gifts can be complicated. That's why we have integrated Stripe payment processor into our custom donation forms.

Stripe integration allows you to easily build a donation page tailored to your nonprofit's event/campaign. Whether you want one-time or recurring gifts, customized levels, or an end-to-end experience, we make it simple.

Our integrated tools help make giving more accessible, easy, and secure. Your donors can conveniently and securely complete transactions right on your website. Expand your nonprofit's reach and save resources with our fundraising technology.


In-Kind Product Donations

Is accepting in-kind product donations a tedious, manual process? We know. It can be frustrating.

Or maybe you need to start accepting in-kind donations but don’t know how to start?

We’ve got a better way! Make a bigger impact on your donors with Mindful Giving.

Texting Packages

No need to stress over expensive texting packages anymore. We offer affordable, pay-as-you-go texting solutions, customized to your event/fundraising campaign, or to increase brand awareness, reach out to volunteers, and more. And our solution helps you build a solid list of contacts so you can reach them in a single text campaign.

Want to take it for a quick, easy test drive? Let’s try it out!

01 ⇢ Grab your mobile phone
02 ⇢ Text the word “Sample” to the number 313131
03 ⇢ You will receive a reply that links to a donation page right on our demo site
04 ⇢ Click on the link and explore